James R. Kirk

Where No Man Has Gone Before In which we meet Captain James R. Kirk and the valiant crew of the Enterprise as they venture beyond the great barrier at the edge of the galaxy. The single most striking thing about this, the very first episode starring Captain Kirk, the second pilot film for the series, […]

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Being Leonard Nimoy

Somewhere around third grade, I developed a habit of clasping my hands behind my back, “at ease”-style. I took to saying “Fascinating” whenever the situation even vaguely warranted it. And if I squinted one eye and tilted my head, I could just about fake raising a single eyebrow. Armchair psychology tells me I identified with […]

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Spock’s Booger

I can’t really remember when it happened. In fact, I’d forgotten about it completely until I was abruptly given a reminder. But it happened. And I admit it. I dared Dayton Ward to make Spock say the word “booger” in a Star Trek novel. More than dare, I told him I’d give him a shiny new dollar […]

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Spock and Roll

Right now I am listening to an iTunes playlist made up of every track in my music library that contains the word Spock in the title. It’s two and a half hours long. Granted there are some duplicates – Leonard Nimoy’s “Spock Thoughts” appears on three separate albums in my collection and I somehow have five versions of […]

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Starfleet’s Greatest Captain

Caveat: I haven’t read a lot of Star Trek fiction. Before 1988, I remember reading the novelizations of the first three movies. There were also a few original novels – definitely Spock Must Die, and Enterprise, and a couple of others. I’d have to look through a full list of Trek novels to jog my memory. I know […]

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Klingons Fart in Airlocks

Funny what sticks with you. When I was 12 I cashed out a savings bond given to me by my grandfather. I used the proceeds to buy Star Trek books. I still don’t regret it. Whenever we’d go to the mall bookstores (remember when there were competing bookstores in a mall? Good times…)  I’d hit the science […]

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Boldly Go

In fourth grade, I sold tribbles to my classmates. On Star Trek, they were cute alien creatures that gave Captain Kirk and his crew no end of trouble. In real life, they were balls of fake fur stuffed with foam rubber, sewed together with Mom’s help and marketed to my friends as ideal gifts. I’m […]

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Star Trek 365

So I got myself a present. It’s a big, fat book full of Star Trek. And I quite enjoyed it. It bills itself as the “definitive” guide to Star Trek, but, as the owner of manyStar Trek reference books, I beg todiffer. It’s got a lot of interesting stuff, a lot of stuff I already knew, and a lot of photos. Sadly, […]

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Win, Lose, Draw, Win, Lose

A post at Topless Robot about the Top 20 Nerd Commandments plucked a painful memory for me. Specifically, this commandment: 5) All nerds must be able to sketch, from memory, the basic outlines of the Millennium Falcon, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), and the TARDIS. Yes, I drew the TARDIS as my big project for a High School art class. […]

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