Win, Lose, Draw, Win, Lose

A post at Topless Robot about the Top 20 Nerd Commandments plucked a painful memory for me. Specifically, this commandment: 5) All nerds must be able to sketch, from memory, the basic outlines of the Millennium Falcon, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), and the TARDIS. Yes, I drew the TARDIS as my big project for a High School art class. […]

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Spock Thoughts

Last fall I sat in on a six week memoir writing class. We’d be given a couple of topics during class time and just do some free writing for 15 minutes on that topic. One of the first exercises we did involved first making a list of five wisdom figures, people who’ve assisted us in […]

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There’s one spaceship that remains my favorite, even after all these decades. I first encountered it in second grade, watching Star Trek reruns after school (while also filling up on Gilligan, Brady Bunch, Lost in Space and others). There was just something wonderfully sleek, futuristic and functional about the design. There were no pretensions to being something that lands […]

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The Cage

Sometimes it seems like Star Trek guided my entire life. It ebbs and flows from my memories, oozing out of my childhood and spurting in fits and starts through college and even affecting my marriage. It’s like a big box around my existence. Sometimes I can touch the edges, sometimes they remain out of sight. […]

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