Spock’s Booger

I can’t really remember when it happened. In fact, I’d forgotten about it completely until I was abruptly given a reminder.

But it happened. And I admit it.

I dared Dayton Ward to make Spock say the word “booger” in a Star Trek novel. More than dare, I told him I’d give him a shiny new dollar if he did it.

Yesterday, I sent him a dollar.


This is page 284 of Dayton Ward’s latest Star Trek novel, Elusive Salvation. I received my copy yesterday and, well, I am a man of my word. And that word, apparently, is booger.

UPDATE: I’d completely forgotten that my original dare also said I’d make it two dollars if he had Spock say it. So I sent hm a second dollar.



5 Responses to “Spock’s Booger”

  1. Boogers are logical…and profitable. | The Fog of Ward Says:

    […] All that remained was to collect my earnings. Neil made good on his part of the deal, and you can read his take on this little bit of unhinged nerdity over on his own blog. […]

  2. Andy Says:

    If you could the same dare again, what word would you have chosen for the second time?

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