Spock’s Booger

I can’t really remember when it happened. In fact, I’d forgotten about it completely until I was abruptly given a reminder.

But it happened. And I admit it.

I dared Dayton Ward to make Spock say the word “booger” in a Star Trek novel. More than dare, I told him I’d give him a shiny new dollar if he did it.

Yesterday, I sent him a dollar.


This is page 284 of Dayton Ward’s latest Star Trek novel, Elusive Salvation. I received my copy yesterday and, well, I am a man of my word. And that word, apparently, is booger.

UPDATE: I’d completely forgotten that my original dare also said I’d make it two dollars if he had Spock say it. So I sent him a second dollar. As I said, I am a man of my word…




  1. Andy says:

    If you could the same dare again, what word would you have chosen for the second time?

    1. thatneilguy says:

      I’d get Dayton Ward to include this in a novel. Spock Helmet

      1. Andy says:

        Ha Ha! Hilarious!

      2. Andy says:

        Hey, when are you going to blog again? You only make like a couple posts a year. I’d love for you to blog more often. You’re a really good blogger.

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