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Neil @thatneilguy

cropped-capatain-shurley.jpgSometimes it seems like Star Trek guided my entire life. It ebbs and flows from my memories, oozing out of my childhood and spurting in fits and starts through college and even affecting my marriage. It’s like a big box around my existence. Sometimes I can touch the edges, sometimes they remain out of sight. But it’s always there.

And before you ask: Kirk. Definitely Kirk. Always Kirk.

Now, to be a bit more clear, while Star Trek definitely weaves a web through my existence, I am not one of these guys. Sure, I spotted right away the “wrong” placement of certain figures on this cake, I’ll admit that. But it didn’t bother me. Well, not enough to say anything out loud.


Will @SecureImmaturT


Greetings. My name is William Johnson. I am a Trekkie. Or Trekker, if you wanna be a snob about it, I guess. I mean, according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, Trekkie is a noun of South African origin that means “party of Trekkers”. So figure that one out. But, now that I think about it, that’s why I am here … to be with a party of Trekkers. Because, well, I am a Trekker and I love you. All of you. Even you weirdos who like JJ Abrams’ Star Wars screen test in 2009 that was, allegedly, Star Trek (still waiting for confirmation).

I was born in Tampa, Florida in 1982 but escaped to Phoenix, Arizona in 1998 before I encountered the Floridian rite of passage that is “Be on Cops”. But I owe Florida a lot, especially from 1990-1997: Channel 12 at 11 pm every night; UPN 44, when it launched, the Tampa library (yes, they have books in Florida); the Brandon Hospital that housed me when my appendix exploded. Just to name a few. What do all these things have in common? They introduced me to Star Trek! Channel 12 played TNG every night at 11 pm. I used to tape them on VHS (six episodes to a tape), go to my Apple IIe, and print episode titles (with episode numbers and plot summaries) and tape them to the cassette. UPN launched with Star Trek Voyager and I used to watch that with my dad every week. The Tampa library used to let me rent one-episode VHSs of the Original Series (you either rented or went to Suncoast video and spent $143 dollars per tape). And lastly, the Brandon Hospital. My appendix ruptured in 1996 and I was in the hospital for two weeks. From 10 am to 4 pm (plus the normal 11 pm showtime), Channel 12 would play TNG and I saw virtually the entire run of the show sitting in my hospital bed trying not to die.

Trek and I have been through a lot … we’ve had a long relationship. We’ve gone through growing pains, near death experiences, loves lost and loves gained and laughed at that weird Worf-Troi relationship thing. We suffered through Enterprise, reveled in DS9, watched Babylon 5 and thought it was a long lost twin, decided if odds truly are worse than evens, and, obviously, since it was Star Trek, got lots and lots and loooooots of girls. For 25 years I’ve had a lot of Trek to see, hear, feel and … uh … smell? But now I have a place to share some of these thoughts with others. Join me. Join us. A party of Trekkers. Or whatever.


Luis @luisishere

Growing up in the 80s, I was already into the geeky delights. My life turned upside down in 1989 with the loss of a parent. Looking for a distraction, and being obsessed with the future, I discovered Star Trek: The Next Generation and watched every episode in the season 2 summer reruns. When season 3 started airing, I made sure I was in front of the television every week. I’ll never forget that evening in June 1990, the Best of Both Worlds Part 1 cliffhanger had me in such disbelief for the entire summer.
While my first love was Star Trek: The Next Generation, my true love is Deep Space Nine. I was getting older, and my understanding of character and the darker themes really held my attention. DS9 was everything I wanted Star Trek to be. When the series ended in 1999, I was in my early 20s, and life was changing. Star Trek was in and out of my life in the years that followed. What ever good or bad happened, Star Trek was always there.
A few years ago made the transition from reader to science fiction writer, with an emphasis in space opera and time travel. All those years watching Star Trek has finally created a foundation for the human adventure in space. No matter how good or bad it was, I still love it, and I can’t wait to share some thoughts on its past and it’s future.







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