Spock and Roll

Right now I am listening to an iTunes playlist made up of every track in my music library that contains the word Spock in the title. It’s two and a half hours long. Granted there are some duplicates – Leonard Nimoy’s “Spock Thoughts” appears on three separate albums in my collection and I somehow have five versions of […]

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Starfleet’s Greatest Captain

Caveat: I haven’t read a lot of Star Trek fiction. Before 1988, I remember reading the novelizations of the first three movies. There were also a few original novels – definitely Spock Must Die, and Enterprise, and a couple of others. I’d have to look through a full list of Trek novels to jog my memory. I know […]

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Klingons Fart in Airlocks

Funny what sticks with you. When I was 12 I cashed out a savings bond given to me by my grandfather. I used the proceeds to buy Star Trek books. I still don’t regret it. Whenever we’d go to the mall bookstores (remember when there were competing bookstores in a mall? Good times…)  I’d hit the science […]

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